Takeaway level: Singapore

Singapore food meme

I think if I were to say I miss something in Singapore, it would probably be the food. As a Singaporean brought up and born in Singapore, we are just too use to our large variety of food, and Yes, we are famous for it.

I still remember when I was young, I use to stay at the north area, and there’s a very famous noodle stall right below my block. My mum use to bring me there, and would always order that ‘Wanton’ mee (Chinese Dumpling noodles) for me, it has this authentic taste in the noodles, even though it has disappear from that block and I have since moved out from that area, till now, I still can feel that noodle and dumpling taste right at my taste bud, it’s too memorable.

#Singapore Food is not just for eating, it creates memories

Then there was this chicken rice stall located at Redhill Market, I was later brought up by my Dadi (Grandma) when my parents divorced, and she use to bring me to the market for lunch and the chicken stall would have to queue for 1 hour to get a plate of SGD 2.50 chicken rice, I was young at that time, my dadi would use to queue up for me just to get me a plate of my favourite chicken rice, no matter how long the queue is, she will definitely get it for me. I would just sit there quietly, looking at here queue up for the awfully good chicken rice. I still remember the taste, the rice is all filled up with the pandan leaf aroma, every part of the rice is wrapped up by the chicken oil that is cooked together with the rice, the glossy look of the rice with that special aroma, it’s just too good to ignore it. And that special blended own recipe chili provided by the stall, it’s just tempt you to have more and more every day. And now, I’m old enough, when I visit my dadi (Grandma), i would up for her, and it’s her turn to sit there quietly to wait for that plate of chicken rice.

#Singapore food is part of your childhood memories

I learn how to cook from my mum at the age of 13, and ever since, i have took over the cooking role at my home, I prepare food from dumpling to dessert like Green Bean Soup, Barley bean curd egg dessert to bobo cha cha, to Wu Xiang (Spring Roll) to prawn noodles to Chicken rice, you name it, i cook it. And i’m proud to say that some of this food that I prepared were actually my own family’s recipe, or you can say Singapore very own recipe. Even though I had tried so many singapore food while growing up there, chicken rice is still my favourite food! I still remember back in 2011, when I was managing the immersion programme back in India, Students from Singapore were having India food for the past 3 weeks, and I thought I would surprise them by cooking Chicken rice in the kitchen of a College’s guest house, and there was some challenges at first. Challenges like red chilli was not available in the market so I got to get the green chilli and after it was blended, even though it taste just like the chicken rice chilli, but the chilli just look like the green chutney you see in India, or wasabi you get in Japan. Even though of all the problems, I still manage to complete cooking my chicken rice, and the students was surprise to have Singapore food in India.

#Singapore food is available every where, as long as the recipe stays in your heart

Source: http://discover.stayfareast.com/



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